About Us

About Us

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About mTikle

mTikle, started in 2020 as an online blog & news website and from then on has been steadily growing and being popular across the web. mTikle’s independent editorial stand and its reliable and balanced presentation of the news and articles have won the serious attention and regard of the people who matter in India and abroad.

Why People Love Our Articles?

We brings out latest news and articles on all days of the week.

mTikle is the online platform with hard news and articles as its core offering and interactivity as its key component. Along with a plethora of mobile- and multimedia-enabled content, mTikle is a multi-platform offering that, for the first time, provides viewers/users an opportunity to contribute to the news process and interact with other people.

mTikle serves robust and high quality news and articles from every corner of India and on every topic, on the same platform with an aim to provide the discerning viewers with a complete commitment to the needs and aspirations of the Indian viewer as well as global viewers.